Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting is the primary component to transform any room and ambience. With your bespoke furniture innovatively designed to attain the style and look you had in mind, effective lighting will add the finishing touches and create the mood which defines your living space with the ideal relaxing atmosphere.

Five considerations when planning your lighting:

Coloured lighting - Completely adaptable to personal style, colour theory may be used to create the precise mood you require. This could be accomplished using LED lighting which is long-lasting. Available with a remote control to make sure you are able to relax at the end of a hard day at work. Completely adaptable it can complement your furnishings and decor.

Inset ceiling lighting - This could be used in combination with dimmers to produce a softer lighting when relaxing. However, you could choose extra spot lighting at the dressing table or dressing area. It can also enhance the brightness in the room and the finish of the furniture, especially glossy or reflective finishes.

Over bed lighting - This is often ideal for reading, as a feature, or perhaps to create a mood when the main lighting is turned off.

Concealed fittings - These can be integrated within the furniture itself or beneath it to feature its superior quality and design.

Feature lighting - This could highlight a favourite family photograph, art work or decor feature. Ideal to create a stylish look in your room.

Selecting what features you plan to highlight and the ambiance you want to create is a good starting point. Lighting can be an essential complement to your newly designed room. It can create an illusion of spaciousness, combined with softer tones, for a relaxing atmosphere. Lighting advice is readily available and it can be sought in numerous styles, colours and fittings.