Storage Options for your Fitted Kitchen

Bespoke kitchen design provides any household an ideal atmosphere in which to cook, socialise, and dine. The pleasure of cooking and dining by ensuring an organised and well planned kitchen, can enhance the benefits of time spent relaxing and socialising with family and friends.

Two essential considerations for your new kitchen are design and practicalities, all entirely individual and primarily based upon your requirements, whether it being accommodating for a busy family life or simply a place to entertain and socialise. Traditional or contemporary, you should have an idea of the colour and look you wish to ascertain. The freedom of completely bespoke design allows all available space to be maximised, awkward corners and spaces will be utilised, and any unique ideas you might have can be applied to the design.

The interiors of units and drawers are versatile and may incorporate shelves of different depth, spinning racks for easy accessibility, drawer compartments, or pull out racks concealed as cupboards. Additional features such as spice and wine racks can be added to the design. Glass fronted cupboards can be chosen to display your favourite glasses, decanters or wedding gifts. Or you may chose some extra shelving to keep your favourite cookery books to hand when planning an evening entertaining guests.

Practicalities in a kitchen are invariably imperative and paramount when room is restricted. Access and walk way between your cooker, sink and fridge is essential. Often known as 'the triangle' it will be the most utilised space whilst cooking. It is necessary to have convenient access to all three, whilst permitting space to adequately manoeuvre around the kitchen. The positioning of plumbing, gas and electricity supply are of primary consideration when designing your kitchen. Lighting is essential in a kitchen to enable you to cook and enhance the relaxing atmosphere when eating. Often your sink is positioned below a window and it is advisable not to block the light with units or shelves. Additional lighting gives the room a spacious look.

Home appliances need to be integrated into the kitchen unless you have a separate utility room. Microwaves and dishwashers can be disguised inside the kitchen as units. Taking into consideration a growing family can be necessary. Maximising the use of extra room with additional units or perhaps a dishwasher if you have the space is always useful.

The dining areas in the kitchen need to be considered whether it be a breakfast bar or table and chairs. The space for this is important to allow easy access. It may be that you could position a flat screen television beside your dining area, or have speakers to listen to your favourite music. You may wish to extend you table when you have guests.

With the endless versatility that a fitted kitchen has to offer, it is the perfect complement to any home. Skilled kitchen designers can put all your ideas into place, alongside practical considerations, to create the perfect kitchen.